Spare Parts Management

Under Spare Parts Management, we do establish a system between AIPL and our esteemed customer 

  • to provide a direct way to inventory and ship spares before you need them. From PLC to HMI, software to hardware, cables to sensors, breakers to power supplies, valves to actuators, fasteners and even bolts etc., spares optimization and management is an effortless way for you to never to have to wait days for a part after something breaks or is lost.

    Under the Parts Management program, AIPL owns the spare parts inventory and guarantees their availability so that customers don’t need to make capital outlays for spares. It ensures higher uptime for control systems and the plant at lower costs.

    In addition, AIPL helps customers evaluate their needs, based on historical trends and failure statistics for all system components and establishes an initial benchmark for the spares being carried at the site and in its bonded warehouse stock. As a result, customers are able to get precisely the spare parts they need, right when they need them.

    AIPL guarantees availability of parts under the Parts Management program. Critical spare parts are stocked on site, while backup for less-critical parts is only a phone call away, with delivery usually within 24 hours from order acknowledgement. Regularly scheduled audits further ensure that spare-parts and printed-circuit inventories are maintained at the proper levels, increasing uptime and minimizing scrap.

    Using a comprehensive financial analysis, customers can assess the Parts Management program’s operational and financial value to their business. Budget predictability is ensured through fixed fees for the program. In addition, warranty protection only begins when a part is used, not when it is placed in inventory.

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