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Automate group is one of the pioneers in the field of Industrial Automation & Control in Pakistan since its dawn in late 21st century. It has now gone global with our emergence on the horizon as an international division under the head of “Automate International Pvt. Ltd.” AIPL initiated the instrumentation department and the provision of vast realm of engineering services in discrete sectors of industry all over the planet with the aim to become the Center of Excellence in the specialized domain. Partnerships and strategic alliances with OEMs enable us to deliver the best of the best automation solutions for all types of multidimensional projects. AIPL has the ambition to endeavor to earn the revered spot internationally that the mentioned group has in its local region for decades.

Recent Projects

Multiline Automatic Sachet Collator

Automated solution for entangle-free wrapping of long noodles taste maker sachet strips.

Vacuum Bag Lifting Mechanism

Automatic vacuum-based bag lifting devices for all types of hygienic areas in the industry.

Empty Pallet Stacking Machine

Automatic stacking machine of empty pallets after removal of the loaded material.

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